selective focus on shiny gold bars as financial investment and wealth concept.
Hernan Rodriguez

Hernan Rodriguez

Over 18 years of experience consulting accredited investors on global opportunity markets & business management solution. 3 years experience in crypto currency markets. Privacy advocate. Senior strategist. Expert negotiator & PR Specialist. Member of National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) & Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).

How to buy gold Online Safely

To make gold purchases with Karatbars you will need to open an affiliate buyer or promoter account, it is quite simple, and there is no cost to register an account, but you have to provide your official identification such as a passport or driver’s license and proof of address, this is in order to comply with international rules against money laundering. Visit the following link to start your registration today and on the registration page you can choose information in Spanish. Approximate time to review and approve your affiliate buyer or promoter profile is about 48 hours, after that you can make purchases of gold from anywhere in the world using credit or debit cards.

The gold of Karatbars and is 999.9 certified purity which is commonly referred to as 24k. You can buy it in the following weights: 1 gram, 2.5 grams and 5 grams. The link to the store and prices can be found by visiting the following link:

The minimum purchase is 1 gram, and you are not subject to minimum regular purchases, however, it is advisable to people who want to save gold regularly activate the option of purchases in automatic.

Gold can be sent physically to 125 countries in the world, please be sure to visit the list of active countries on the same page. Gold shipments are made through FedEx

For those who prefer to have their gold in a secure vault and in a stable country, karatbars offers as a standard of service, the custody of gold in Germany; An important point to take into account is the cost per shipment, so we recommend that gold buyers wait to have a minimum of gold stored to make it worth paying for the cost of sending it. Karatbars also offers you a settlement / sale service and repurchase of the gold that you have stored in its vaults, to receive the value of your gold if you decide to liquidate it you can acquire a Debit MasterCard issued by Karatbars (acquiring the card has an additional cost of 50 Euros approximately)

By registering as an affiliate promoter of Karatbars using our active league, you will receive exclusive access as a member of our team in order to grow your Gold business successfully and special discounts in other sales courses and business strategies created or organized by Marketsize.Online and its subsidiaries @hrvoficial

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