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Let’s be honest, we all heard about Messenger Marketing and how Chatbots can help us connect with our audience, engage with our customers, and drive new sales for our business…

… But so few of us actually use it in when marketing online…

And that’s a shame… Because you are leaving money at the table…

The truth is that a lot of people we talked to wish they knew what they can do to get on this new trend early…

But they fear they’ll struggle with technical stuff, like what Messenger app to use, how to set the conversation flow, how to write a good Bot copy, how to capture leads, how to make sure they are in line with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, etc.

We can tell you… It can get confusing… And we were in the same boat!…

That’s why we brought on board Facebook expert Paulo Ricci – and after a few discussions with Paulo this idea emerged: Why not create a step-by-step walkthrough showing you how to build highly engaging and effective chatbots that answer questions, provide value, and sell your products or services.



The Ultimate FB Chatbot Step-By-Step Guide!

This eBook is an 80+ page guide covering step-by-step info with detailed screenshots and training about how to build a Chatbot, write a Chatbot script, get people to opt-in and automate your marketing.

It’s not just another eBook filled with theory and fluff – it was created by Facebook expert Paulo Ricci, and it´s packed with the most up to date and easy to implement ways to kick your Chatbot Marketing into high gears right away.

This tool applies for any business that has a facebook page! Improve now your own business or start selling your services as a bot master!


Launching price, we won’t be able to keep it too long

We want you to be ready as soon as you finish our guide so in top of our book We’ll give you this market proven extra tools with your purchase:

FB Chatbot Strategy Worksheets

There are 5 Strategic Implementation Worksheets that include 5 different ways of using FB Chatbots for your marketing and it comes in a full detailed step-by-step manner. here are the topics of implementation Strategies covered inside:

  1. Broadcasting
  2. Implementation Strategies
  3. Getting Leads Using Widgets
  4. Getting Leads Using FB Post
  5. FB Ads Strategy
  6. Chatbot for Offline Business

This was initially supposed to be part of our pro package, but we decided to include it in the front end offer for a limited time!

FB Chatbot fast Action Cheatsheet

This Checklist is a quick reference step-by-step set up guide 


8 exclusive Done-For-You Chatbot Script Blueprints that will help you to quickly and easily create high converting bot sequences – saving time and the hassle of figuring it out on your own!

Your Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is secure, we only provide quality content. Test drive our Chatbot step-by-step guide for a full 30 days with zero risk on your part. Our promise is to provide you with the very best Content available. But if you are not completely satisfied, then we will refund you every penny and we can part as friends.

I’m sure you see the tremendous value of all that we are offering here, and that you can’t wait another second before getting your hands on this awesome money making craft.


Launching price, we won’t be able to keep it too long

But Remember… The Clock Is Ticking!

While we like to offer our content at prices that anyone can afford, we aren’t going to keep the price that low for very long. In fact, we are going to bump the price in just a few days, and then close the offer for good.

To Your Unstoppable Success,

The MarketSize.Online Team

PS. This exclusive ChatBot package is a very LIMITED Offer and it won’t last forever, especially at this crazy low price…

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